Ultimate Guide To Buying Panini Makers

Ultimate Guide To Buying Panini Makers

Some appliances are a must-have for anyone who owns a kitchen and enjoys making snacks for the family or friends. One of this is the panini maker, which is used to making sandwiches, grilling meat or any recipe that one can make using the appliance. For anyone who likes trying out new recipes and cooking using a panini press, it is essential for them to buy the appliance that will best suit their need. If you intend to look for the best panini maker to use, below is an ultimate guide to buying a panini maker.

Buying Panini Makers

Look at the plate material

One of the most important features of a panini maker is the plate material. The plate material of the panini will affectjkefjfuueeueue the cooking result that one is looking to get. There are a variety of plate material that will deliver different results and will have both advantages and limitations. The plate material that is available includes non-stick, aluminum and cast iron. Non-stick plate is easy to clean and gain heat faster, but they can easily wear out. The aluminum plate heats up quickly and is fairly priced. However, they loose heat fast and need release oils and sprays when in use. Lastly, panini makers made from the cast iron plates are strong and retain heat better, but they are more expensive.

Check the plate configuration

Another feature that one needs to look at is the plate configurations. This is the way the plate surface has been contoured to give a specific pattern when cooking. The plate contouring can either be smooth or grooved and the options will vary from one plate to another. The panini press can either be double grooved or double smooth or it can be top grooved and bottom smooth or dual grooved and smooth. The configuration plate will depend on what one wants to pick for there kitchen.

Consider the floating hinge feature

The floating hinge is the lid feature that alone one the ability to hold as much food height as they can on the panini press when making food. Without this feature, the person cooking will be limited on the capacity and size of food that the press can handle when they are cooking.

Finally one needs to consider the heat setting. The panini heat setting is the same of that of a toaster oven where the heat can be set to a particular setting and temperature to allow the meal to cook. One needs to check on the range of temperature they may need when cooking and purchase a panini press that has it.